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“ThetradingNet ” hereto ThetradingNet, trains and educates private traders to trade independently in financial assets, with the aim of creating monthly income that can be main or secondary income. ThetradingNet also serves the goal of advancing, improving, and widening the professional knowledge and trading skills of traders and investors worldwide. Surfing on the site and usage therein is subordinate to the agreement of the surfer and/or user, to the terms heretofore detailed. ThetradingNet reserves for itself the right to update the Terms of Use periodically in keeping with its exclusive discretion, and without the need to provide any advance notice, and these conditions are binding from the moment they are published on the site. It will be clarified that the following conditions relate equally to both the individual person and a body of more than one individual, and males and females alike regardless of the expressed party addressed. In case you do not agree to any of the conditions of the terms of use, you are not authorized to use this site any longer. It is hereby clarified that ThetradingNet, its managers, employers, stakeholder, and any party acting on its behalf, who function in whatever capacity on the site, do not bear an advisor’s license and/or that of a portfolio manager according to any law, and do not avow to advise any person regarding the worthiness of a security acquisition, the sale of a security holding or investment, along with other financial assets. Therefore, one is best served to not see in any of the information appearing on the site, its notices, forums, figures, and any other material released on the site as a form of recommendation or professional opinion as stated prior, and anyone making any form of decision based on the information appearing on the site is doing so on his sole responsibility. The user attests that he knows that nothing on the site can serve as an alternative to counsel that takes into consideration the distinct needs and personal requirements of either himself or another, and that trading financial assets may lead to losses. It is possible that ThetradingNet, its managers, workers and any other serving on its behalf who function in the site’s capacity, may have a personal interest in any matter arising on the site, and it is possible that they hold a specific financial assets noted on the site, ThetradingNet’s trading room, email services and any other services provided by ThetradingNet. The website and all its services and content are for educational purposes only and users are not allowed to be involved in any real trading if users choose to trade based on the information learned on this site or any other of its channels ThetradingNet will not be responsible for any loss or damage results. 


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Disclaimer: Believes in the power of acquired knowledge. It is our desire and privilege to empower you with the prerequisite knowledge obtained from our experts and vault, packed with the correct tools and concise information composed of Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Market News, Market summations, Reviews, and Tips.   


The purchase any course(s) or any other service(s) from ThetradingNet Shall not be construed to warrant any commitment apart from the core business and activities prescribed herein by ThetradingNet i.e. 




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